My Dreams are Magnetic

My dreams are magnetic - I cannot help but follow... is a full-length (60-minute) interdisciplinary undergraduate senior honors project. The piece follows a female protagonist’s journey of self-discovery. She encounters multiple versions of herself, interacts with figures from her past, explores her memories, and comes to terms with internal emotional trauma. The physical processing of her experiences culminates in a joyful release of energy and personal freedom.

Created with in collaboration with the performers, with funds from the UCSB Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Grant.

Devised, Choreographed, and Directed by Beatrice Antonie Martino

Original Score Composed and Performed by Tim Wood & Monte Mishkin

Dancers: Jamie Kuljis, Tess Brennan, Elizabeth Cowperthwaite, Rebecca Frazier, and Monica Moe Mulvany

Ballet Studio Theater and site-specific outdoor campus locations | University of California, Santa Barbara

Performed February 1-2, 2014

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